The Exhibition of Selected Works of 2009 International Art Competition: Art Wind Rises

Opening Reception/Award Ceremony: April 4, 2009 at 18:00

April 4 ~ April 30 in Taiwan Venue
April 1 ~ April 24 in USA Venue

2009 International Art Competition, carefully planned by X-Power Gallery, has attracted the attention from talented emerging artists throughout the world. The entrants hailed from 42 countries and a total of 637 works were submitted. X-Power Gallery will have the opening reception along with the award ceremony on April 4, 2009, at 18:00.

Functioning as a venue in Asia for all artists in the world, X-Power Gallery holds a global view in order to serve the world. The International Art Competition was conducted to discover emerging artists of great talent and potentials. Through the juried art exhibition, the cultural exchange of the west and the east brings forth new ideas on artistic creation. This has opened up a wider field of vision and a more inclusive mind. The 98 selected works are to be exhibited collectively in both the Taiwan and the USA venue. We welcome you to join us in the afternoon of April 4 and to get crazy about the “Art Wind Rises”.