2009 International Art Competition
Award Winner Listing

The 2009 International Art Competition has made an adjustment in the dispensation of the award money originally outlined for the “X-Power of Excellent Achievement Award”. In hopes of encouraging more talented artists to engage in artistic creation, we have decided to expand the “Golden Award” to include three recipients. In addition, the “Emerging Artist Special Award” will now be composed of eleven total artists. This alteration has been made in a hope that all the outstanding artists can receive the international recognition and honor that they so deserve.

Award Winning List:

X-Power Award of Excellent Achievement: absence

Golden Award:three artists (in alphabetical order)

Chen, I-Feng

Maciej Gador

Vera Tataro

Emerging Artist Special Award:eleven artists (in alphabetical order)

Andrea Vandoni


He xiangyi

Huang, Han Sheng

Huang, Tsang-Yo

Idea Hsieh

Lin, Shun-Ching

Mark Webster

Natalia Szostak

Svetlana Vinokurtsev

Vesilena Kenarev-Nikiforov

Award Winner’s Work