Period: March 1, 2009 ~ March 31, 2009

Spring is the season for adventure. In March’s returning warmth, we awaken with the world in the early spring, to appreciate new things, to take new challenges, and to change the way we look at things.

Art appreciation is an exploration, sharing the life experience of others, joining the adventure without the risk. In this delightful journey of exploration, viewers open up their mind, allowing themselves to feel other people’s hearts and lives, transcending above the real life situations to enter the depicted scenery, and roaming freely in the world of imagination.

Taking “Explore” as the theme, the scheduled group exhibition is ready to carry you across the barrier of language and culture into the art world of different artists. Artist Hubert Cance has the hands and eyes of drafting up machinery; Artist Iskren Semkov from Bulgaria challenges your spirituality and unrevealed sense of humor; Artist Luiz Cavalli takes you to experience the vibrant passion and affectionate bright tempo of Brazilians.

How immense might the world be? How far are you willing to move forward? Out of your own choice, the world is to extend infinitely before your eyes and in your mind, so long as you choose – to “Explore”.