Salon Autumn 2009 of Chinese Artist, 1st Round Winners Selected ! ! !

Artists from both sides of the strait overwhelmingly respond to this contest. Artworks submitted are diverse, vibrant, and dynamic in subject, techniques, and materials. They include ancient traditional, abstract, animation and fictional, Eastern spirit of Splash-ink painting vs. Western oil painting. Beyond anyone’s imagination, these are also challenges and explorations that the artist communities of this era are seeking, deserving both admiration and respect.

Impressive artworks are numerous but only a few will be selected. After a fierce 1st round contest, 37 pieces of artworks that stood above all the rest were selected. They will be exhibited in November at either X-Power Gallery in Taipei or Shanghai. We welcome all the art lovers and collectors to come to view their own “Stars of Tomorrow”.

1st Round Winners Listed Below: (Order of listing does not reflect any meaning of priority)

He Da Bird in China Series No. 11
Bird in China Series No. 12
Huang Han-Sheng Moment of Hesitation
Huang Yun-Hsiang Stunning Phenomenon
Shrouded in Winter Breeze
Liu Li-Jing VOICE, Woodblock (Black and White)
Chu Chen Po-Ching One Species
He Xiang-Yi Glutton No.2
Tian Ye Secret
Zhang Meng Angel Series - Parachute No.1
Hu Yong Growths No. 1
Yu Zhuo Spreading ~ Expanding
Ho Hwei-Bai City of Sleepless Night
Chang Huang-Chin Creating the New Datura No.1
Jong Jonq-Shiuan Sound of Dreams, Oil on Canvas
Wu Tsui-Ping Heavenly Ribbon
Chen Ke-Chia Dust‧Smoke
Liu Chuan-Tu My Private Room
Zeng Cong-Zhi White Egret
Chang Hsin-Chih Being There
He En-Yi Field of Gardens
Lin Li-Yun Colorful Season
Lin Shun-Ching Transformation of Destiny
My Other Me
Kuo Hsin-I Scenic Harbor (1)
Scenic Harbor (2)
Hellen Fuan Mountains and Peaks Flow as Waves in Angry Sea
Chen Jui-Ho The Delicate Truth
Shao Yu-Hsien Eternity
Goddess of Love,Venus – Trace of Rays in the Evening
Yan Xue-Jun Language of Water Lillies
Shang Su-Yang Kuan Yin in Red
Wu Yi-Qi The Still Objects
The Still Objects
Tung Sheng-Ho Contemporary Leather Puppet Show Series/Monkey King Jackson
Contemporary Leather Puppet Show Series/City Girl

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