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Call for Artist

2009-2010 2009-2010 X-Power Gallery

Open for Exhibitions
Application Form and Regulations

I、Mission Statement:

The artist’s dream of having their works displayed publicly comes true in this place; a meeting of the talented and those that appreciate the talent.


(a)、Application: Application: Regardless of age, experience, qualification, all established or emerging artists are welcomed as long as they hold aspirations or ideals in mind and have the courage to face obstacles.

(b)、Exhibition: individual or group


1、Two dimensional or three dimensional artworks by any media are accepted.

2、Measurements: The only requirement is that the submitted works can pass through the Gallery’s entrance. (Note: the entrance of X-Power Gallery is 163 cm in width and 240 cm in height.)

(d)、Exhibition Date: It is necessary that the exhibition can fit into X-Power Gallery’s exhibition schedule.

III、Application Procedure:

(a)、Submit the following documents:

1、Proposal: no specific format required. It is recommended that the proposing artist go online to download the X-Power Gallery’s floor plan to help with the planning on the display line or the exhibition space.

2、Application Form: Make sure to fill out the Application for Exhibition in a thorough and detailed manner.

3、 Image Files:

*Limited to images of works to be exhibited. For those who are not sure yet, they may submit ten of their most recent works instead.

*Images have to be sent in high resolution JPEG file, 300dpi. The file size cannot exceed 2MB. It is recommended that the image files be titled in the format “number.jpg”, i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg.

*Please store the completed proposal, application form, image files in CD, on which the artist’s name, contact phone number, address, e-mail are indicated.


Please send by registered mail or by special delivery to:X-Power Gallery 1F., No.98, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da-an District,Taipei 10682, Taiwan

Please indicate:

Call for Artist

2009-2010 X-Power Gallery

Contact Phone Number: 02-2708-0929 Mr. Huang, Chaoying

*Note: no e-mail application will be accepted.

IV、Application Deadline:

June 30, 2009 (evidenced by postmark)

V、Notification of Selected Works:

by telephone and by e-mail

VI、Rights and Obligations:

(a)、Free rental (limited to the space on the first floor. For the space at B1, there will be a charge.)

(b)、The exhibition period is scheduled for a month but the adjustment can be considered upon request.

(c)、Prior to exhibition, the advance announcement will be posted on the official website of X-Power Gallery in both Chinese and English.

(d)、During the opening ceremony and the exhibition, photos taken by professional photographers will be posted to the official website for the domestic and foreign art collectors and art lovers to appreciate.

(e)、Once approved, the artist is required to give a painting of size 100 to the organizing party. (The organizing party has the option to choose from the exhibited works.)

*Size 100 can be counted as a total, i.e. two paintings of size 50 are considered size 100.

(f)、It is required that the artist place advertisement on some magazines as specified.

(g)、It is required that all promotion literatures (advertisement, art albums, post card, DM) go through the X-Power Gallery in order to keep a consistent style with a fee.

(h)、It is required that the artist rent the hi-fi equipment, chairs, tables, and table cloths from the X-Power Gallery with a fee.

(i)、The food and drink in the opening reception can be arranged through the X-Power Gallery.

(j)、The promotion literatures can be sent out through X-Power Gallery.

(k)、For all works sold during the exhibition, the X-Power Gallery is entitled to the 50% of the after-tax proceeds as commission.

(l)、Other matters needing attention: All application submitted are deemed as an agreement to comply with all regulations specified in the application.


Address: 1F., No.98, Sec. 4, Xinyi Rd., Da-an District, Taipei 10682, Taiwan

Telephone: 02-2706-0929

Fax: 02-2706-2702

Contact person: Huang Chaoying


Application for Exhibition

Floor Plan