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Bird in China --HeDa Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Period:5/7~6/3

He Da solo exhibition “Bird in China” displays his personal unique series” Bird in China ". He Da was the gold medal winner of the Salon Autumn 2009 of Chinese Artist Competition, which was held by X-Power Gallery at Taipei.

He Da’s earliest artworks were inspired by Chinese painter Badashanren's works, which were full of artistic conception and feelings. At that time, He's artworks show boldness, richness, elegance, refinement, and showing simplicity, detachment and emptiness of his mind.

He Da's later series of works “Bird in China “adopted two creative directions. The artist applied the intricate figurative distortion brushwork, the frequent skills in traditional Chinese paintings, when he illustrated lotus leaves, grass, tree branches and birds.

In this way, some of those objects convey an old but vigorous spirit, some show graceful, luster, and exquisite characteristic. With further modulation in brushstrokes, the tree branches look strong, and bird feathers appear to be plentiful and lifelike.

For the second creative characteristic, the artist performed image-based misty effect process on the painting. After the process, the main parts such as leaf, grass and tree branches in the painting show illusive effects similar to the soften effect made by computer programs, while except with the aesthetic qualities resulted from intricate figurative distortion brushwork.

Embellished in the green, blue, brown and gray fields, the birds are so cute and silky brocade-like, which provides the effect of “a single red in the midst of thick foliage” to make the artwork be high. By the contrast effect of colors, the artworks show more vigor, and boost more energy and vivacity.

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