2010 International Art Competition- Award Winner Listing


The 2010 International Art Competition award winner has announced in July 24th at reception. One“X-Power of Excellent Achievement Award”winner, one “Golden Award”winner , and five “Emerging Artist Special Award”winners. Selected artwork exhibition started from July 2nd ~September 2nd at X-Power Gallery-Taipei. (For New York venue will be announce later)                      more...

2010 Taipei International Art Competition
1st Round Winners Selected ! ! !


In 2010 Taipei International Art Competition, from 21 countries’ excellent works with rich contents and multi-creativities were submitted to the competition.                      more...

Application Deadline: 04/15/10



Salon Autumn 2009 of Chinese Artist, 1st Round Winners Selected ! ! !

The long awaited list of the winners from the first round of contest finally is out! Impressive artworks are numerous but only a few will be selected. Through a fierce 1st round contest, 37 pieces of artworks that stood above all the rest were selected            more...

Revolution Art 2009 Taipei

X-Power Gallery Exhibition Booth: B38

Artists Professional Information Section, Booth: A19、A20            more...

Salon Autumn 2009 of Chinese Artist, Application Information

Application Deadline: 8/27/2009 (Postmarked as Proof)            more...

A Great Future

There is no such a thing as the unrecognized talent in the world

Call for Artist

2009-2010 X-Power Gallery              more...

4/1~4/24 Art Wind Rises-The Exhibition of Selected Works of 2009 International Art Competition

Asia’s largest art contest - 2009 International Art Competition, organized by X-Power Gallery, received 637 works submitted from 42 countries throughout the world. 98 pieces were selected for display collectively both in the Taiwan Venue in Taipei and the USA Venue in Beverly Hills. The selected works are so diverse in styles that appreciating these works earmarks running into the trend of the contemporary art world. Please soften your pose, swing with visual impact, drift along the ripples of emotion, and get crazy about art on the Rise of Art Wind. Opening Reception/Award Ceremony: April 4, 2009 at 18:00              more...

2009 International Art Competition Award Winner Listing

The 2009 International Art Competition has made an adjustment in the dispensation of the award money originally outlined for the “X-Power of Excellent Achievement Award”. In hopes of encouraging more talented artists to engage in artistic creation, we have decided to expand the “Golden Award” to include three recipients. In addition, the “Emerging Artist Special Award” will now be composed of eleven total artists. This alteration has been made in a hope that all the outstanding artists can receive the international recognition and honor that they so deserve.                                                      more...

2009 International Art Competition
Selected Artist Listing

Out of the submitted works, 105 pieces have been selected to exhibit in the Taiwan Venue and the USA Venue respectively. The winners are to be announced in the award ceremony taking place in the USA Venue in Los Angeles on April 4, 2009 at 6:00pm the local time. For those entrants who have indicated the USA Venue in their entries to be the exhibition site, we will e-mail clear shipping instructions includes shipping address, date, and time to each finalist within one week. Please do not ship your work before receive our shipping instruction, thank you.more...


Period: March 1, 2009 ~ March 31, 2009

Spring is the season for adventure. In March’s returning warmth, we awaken with the world in the early spring, to appreciate new things, to take new challenges, and to change the way we look at things.                                                                                      more...

2009 2009 International Art Competition - Announcement of Primary Selection

After deliberate review and discussion, the jurors made their choices of primary selections.

The listing from the primary selection includes fine works accepted for selection after juror’s initial discussion, which, however, may not necessarily be works to be selected.

The selected works are to be listed on February 28, 2009.

We greatly appreciate your patient anticipation.

Listing of Works Accepted for Selection

Congratulations to Artist Lee Sun-Don of X-Power Gallery for Being Selected into 2009 Venice Biennale.

Artist Lee Sun-Don of the X-Power Gallery Strides into the World Topmost Art Palace – 2009 Venice Biennale, Receiving Recognition from International Curators and Selection Committee.

X-Power Gallery Takes Pride in this Honor and Rejoices Together with the Art Circle of Taiwan at this Good News.                                  more...

2009 International Art Competition

2009 International Art Competition is joined by 346 artists from 42 countries with 637 submitted works. The notification date has been postponed to February 28, 2009.

New Agenda (2009)

January 20 closing date for entry (evidenced by postmark)

February 10 online listing of works accepted for selection

February 28 online listing of selected works

March 23 ~ March 28 delivery of selected works between 11:00 ~ 18:00 (no delivery on Sundays)

April 1 ~ April 24 exhibition                                more...

1st International Group Exhibition by Top Artists from the International Art League of Italy

12/26/2008 ~ 1/24/2009

In the past sixty seven years, only five artists of the world have ever been ranked “Top Artist” by Camaver Kunsthaus Group of Italy. At the turn of the year, X-Power Gallery invited three of the top artists for a group exhibition in Taiwan, greeting those that love art for the New Year with an art banquet of international scope.          more...

2009 International Art Competition

    X-Power Award of Excellent Achievement:
  • ONE artist will receive the following privileges:
  • (1) Medal of Excellent
  • (2) USD $5,000 purchase award (collected by X-Power Gallery)
  • (3) SOLO exhibition at X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009.
  • (4) Two additional works of this award winner will be exhibited separately in X-Power Gallery, Beverly Hills, U.S.A and X-Power Gallery, Shanghai, China for ONE month period.

Organizer - X-Power Galleries

Application Deadline: 01/20/09                                                   more...

X-Power Gallery International Center Grand Opening

Displayed in X-Power Gallery International Center’s opening exhibition are works by Alessandro Consonni, the top abstractionism painter of Italy, Denise Williams, President of Santa Fe ArtWorld in USA, Hubert Cance, the emerging French Artist, Luise Andersen, American painter and winner of a number of major international competitions, Iskren Semkov from Bulgaria, Stephen Kaldor, the Australian artist whose work has been collected by Vatican, etc.          more...